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Personality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Personality - Essay Example The judgmental way of thinking comes out as a result of my extroverted nature. Due to the fact that I am also feeling, this combination is what allows me to be empathetic toward others. By understanding the characteristics of my personality profile, I can be aware of what situations I will do well in and which ones I will not. In addition, it helps me understand how I get along with certain people and not others. This is incredibly important when taking a leadership position and learning how to interact and motivate followers. Sometimes, we act without thinking because that is the way our personality works. This automated form of behavior can be important in situations where you could say or do something that may be automatic to you, but might not be socially/culturally acceptable to people who do not share the same personality type. In organizational behavior, personality assessments are important in determining whether someone is going to be good for a particular job. For example, if someone is interviewing to work in customer service, however they score an â€Å"I â€Å" on their personality inventory, this would end up hurting the company.

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Issues Analysis- Indigenous People Essay Example for Free

Issues Analysis- Indigenous People Essay As the British arrived on the land of the aboriginal people they hoped to absorb the aboriginal people into their culture to work in the new colony. The aboriginal people tried to avoid the settlers but as the land became more occupied contact became unavoidable. Governor Phillip wanted to avoid any unnecessary conflict so he treated the aboriginal people with kindness and ordered his soldiers not to shoot any of them. He captured many aboriginals and one of them was Bennelong. He wanted them to learn English and act as translators between the Indigenous groups and the British. There were clashes over the land and culture of Aboriginals and the British. Phillip ignorantly ordered his soldiers to fire at the Aboriginal people as he has already tried to civilise them and assimilate them into the British culture and society was not working as he had hoped. The Aboriginal peoples saw that the British settlers were putting up fences clearing the land, restricting access and introducing different animals; so they started to think that the British were invading, this lead to retaliation from the Aboriginals. By 1797, attitudes and policy toward the Indigenous peoples had changed. No longer did the government decide to assimilate the Indigenous peoples, but rather have a new policy and that was to ‘keep them out’. In 1800 Governor King had reported to the British government the number of Aboriginal people killed in fighting was far greater than the number of British people killed. The common response from the government to the Aboriginal resistance was to send expeditions of solders to punish any groups that threatened settlers and farms. These soldiers hunted and killed groups of Indigenous people that were thought to have been stealing stock, food and generally harassing the settlers. Government instructions after 1800 were to fire at all indigenous peoples until they were far away from British settlements. As the British settlement gotten bigger, the Indigenous peoples lost more and more of their land and many of their family members. They became more reliant on the British settlers to provide them food, shelter and water. As their traditional life was slowly eroding, many Aboriginal people started living on the outskirts of towns or started working as servants or slaves for the British settlements. The inability for the Aboriginal people to succeed in this era it caused a change in the European view of the time, that Indigenous peoples were inferior, and were unable to look after themselves or the land. However not all contact was violent with the British settlers and the Aboriginal people. At times there was friendly contact and peace. Some Aboriginal peoples voluntarily became part of the British society. There is also plenty of evidence that groups of Indigenous peoples helped Europeans when they were in trouble and this was quite often, as life for British settlers was extremely hard in the early years of the colony. British colonisation of Australian started in Sydney in 1788. The rapidly occurring consequences within weeks of the first colonists arrival was a wave of European epidemic diseases such as smallpox, chickenpox, influenza and measles. These diseases affected the largest population densities where these diseases could spread easier. The next consequence of British settlement was water resources and the management of land. The settlers viewed Indigenous Australians as Nomads with no civilised concept of land ownership, who could be charged from the land wanted for farming. The aboriginals would easily migrate elsewhere. The impact on the aboriginals was fatal as there was loss of traditional lands, water resources and food sources, as the communities were affected by European diseases. The spiritual and cultural cohesion and well-being was affected because of the communities being forced away from the traditional areas. The settlers brought sexually transmitted diseases, and indigenous Australians had no tolerance and therefore greatly reduced fertility and birth-rates. Settlers were responsible for introducing the alcohol, opium and tobacco, and substance abuse has remained a huge problem for Indigenous communities. The result of disease, loss of land and violence reduced the Aboriginal population by an estimated 90% between 1788 and1900. Smallpox alone killed more than 50% of the Aboriginal population. Up to 3000 white people were killed by Indigenous Australians in the frontier violence. Most Indigenous people became a significant source of labour. Most of the work was unpaid, instead they survived on the rations that the workers received such as forms of food, clothing ad other basic necessities. In many areas of Australia Christian missions donated food and clothing for the indigenous people and opened schools and orphanages for Indigenous children. In some places of Australia colonial governments provided some resources. In 1914 around 1200 Aboriginal people answered the call to arms as the war was desperate for new recruits. Many Indigenous people claimed they were Indian or cook islanders to avoid the laws of no indigenous people being in the defence force. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/History_of_Indigenous_Australians#The_impact_of_British_settlement There are many health promoting strategies today such as ‘Two Ways Together: NSW Aboriginal Affairs Plan 2003-2012’, ‘COAG Agreement, they set six gaps for closing the disadvantage gap between the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people’, CEO performance agreements. Resetting the relationship with Indigenous Australians is important and this partnership must be respectful. It takes both parties to make a difference. Recent research by Reconciliation Australia indicates that Australians have a strong desire to better understand the Indigenous peoples. Acknowledging Indigenous disadvantage is a national responsibility that will require the engagement of the Australian Community. The government has committed to working in partnership with Indigenous Australians, businesses, state and territory governments and community organisations. http://www. skwirk. com. au/p-c_s-56_u-415_t-1040_c-4006/british-aboriginal-relations-1788-1820/qld/sose-history/first-australians-and-the-european-arrivals/settlement-1788-1850.

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Shapes Investigation :: Papers

Shapes Investigation doing an investigation to look at shapes made up of other shapes (starting with triangles, then going on squares and hexagons. I will try to find the relationship between the perimeter (in cm), dots enclosed and the amount of shapes (i.e. triangles etc.) used to make a shape. From this, I will try to find a formula linking P (perimeter), D (dots enclosed) and T (number of triangles used to make a shape). Later on in this investigation T will be substituted for Q (squares) and H (hexagons) used to make a shape. Other letters used in my formulas and equations are X (T, Q or H), and Y (the number of sides a shape has). I have decided not to use S for squares, as it is possible it could be mistaken for 5, when put into a formula. After this, I will try to find a formula that links the number of shapes, P and D that will work with any tessellating shape - my 'universal' formula. I anticipate that for this to work I will have to include that number of sides of the shapes I use in my formula. Method I will first draw out all possible shapes using, for example, 16 triangles, avoiding drawing those shapes with the same properties of T, P and D, as this is pointless (i.e. those arranged in the same way but say, on their side. I will attach these drawings to the front of each section. From this, I will make a list of all possible combinations of P, D and T (or later Q and H). Then I will continue making tables of different numbers of that shape, make a graph containing all the tables and then try to devise a working formula. As I progress, I will note down any obvious or less obvious things that I see, and any working formulas found will go on my 'Formulas' page. To save time, perimeter, dots enclosed, triangles etc. are written as their formulaic counterparts.

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Madame Bovary

Women’s Rights Come To a Halt: Madame Bovary As soon as Eve was created from the rib of Adam, women have been struggling to achieve the same rights as men. As time has gone on, women have been able to make great strides in the way they are compared to men, in particular the Industrial Revolution and realism period lead to great equality strides for women. As the Industrial Revolution, and realism began to emerge in the 19th century, women were starting to develop their own ideas and opinions on how to behave.In Flaubert’s novel, Madame Bovary, he warned women that if you step outside of your gender roles, only bad things are bound to happen, thus working to stop women’s rights. Throughout the novel, gender roles are clearly set for both men, and women. Men are seen as more capable, worthy, and just overall better humans compared to women. Women have little to no say in how their lives are ran, which is clearly shown when Emma’s father decides that â€Å"à ¢â‚¬â„¢If [Charles] asks for her,’ he said to himself, ‘I’ll give her to [Charles]. † (16) Emma’s father is the one who gets to choose his daughter’s fate, rather than her. Even when wedding arrangements are being made Emma has no say in the matter because â€Å"Emma would, on the contrary, have preferred to have a midnight wedding with torches, but old Rouault could not understand such an idea. †(17) Women are depicted as being incapable of making life choices, so they need to be behind a man who is able to be their voice and make decisions for them. Women have also been put into the position of being a housewife.The role of a woman is to care for her home, husband, and children. When Emma wants to step out of her gender role, she then asks â€Å"’Have I not my house to look after, my husband to attend to, a thousand things, in fact, many duties that must be considered first? ’† (74) That then brings it to her atte ntion that she must stick to the way society is structured for women. When Madame Bovary decides to follow her gender role she does so by â€Å"[taking] interest in the housework, [going] to church regularly, and [looking] after her servant with more severity. (75) Even the way to dress, and how a homemaker represented herself was determined by society as â€Å"’a good housewife does not trouble about her appearance. ’† (75) Emma fulfills her role as a woman by imitating the ideal housewife, which is to be religious, and to care about everyone other than herself. There is nothing more imperative than to please your husband, if you wish to play your role in society, in which Emma did so by making sure that â€Å"when Charles came home he found his slippers put to warm near the fire.His waistcoat now never wanted lining, not his shirt buttons, and it was write a pleasure to see in the cupboard the nightcaps arranged in piles of the same height. † (75) It w as seen that a woman was put on this Earth to please her husband, and children and by not doing so was simply unacceptable. Children are also a big part of a woman’s life, because children can only be produced by a women, and it is their duty to care, and love them.As Emma was trying to convey the perfect woman â€Å"she declared she adored children; this was her consolation, her joy, her passion, and she accompanied her caresses with lyrical outburst which would have reminded any one but the Yonville people of Sachette in ‘Notre Dame de Paris’† (75) When Madame Bovary would fulfill her duties as a wife, â€Å"the housewives [would admire] her economy, the patients her politeness, the poor her charity. †(76) Proving that when you behave, as how you should you will be recognized as a good person.The way to behave as a woman is clearly defined, and it is stressed how important it is to do what you are told. As the role of a woman became very evident i n the time of realism, it was crucial to not stray away from the guidelines put in place by society. Emma Bovary had little regard for how to behave, and it was evident in the way she conducted her personal life. Madame Bovary cheated on her husband with two different men, and virtually hated Charles. She also takes it upon herself to handle the family finances, which would normally be a man’s job.Emma throws herself into a secret relationship with Leon, and after only knowing him for a short amount of time â€Å"she was in love with Leon, and sought solitude that she might with the more ease delight in his image. †(76) Just by falling in love with another man, sets Emma Bovary apart from her social class. Not only does Emma fall in love with Leon, but also in the later part of their relationship she deceives Charles and makes it possible to sneak away from her home to go to be with Leon.Emma complains about losing her talent on the piano so Charles tells her ‘If you liked,’ he said, ‘A lesson from time to time, that wouldn’t after all be very ruinous. ’ ‘But lessons,’ she replied, ‘are only of use when followed up. ’ And thus it was she set about obtaining her husband’s permission to go to town once a week to see her lover. At the end of a month she was even considered to have made considerable progress. (184) Emma has no regard for how husband may have felt about Emma’s second life, and to even have a life outside of your home life is completely stepping outside of your gender role.Madame Bovary also has another affair with a man named Rodolphe. This affair was purely superficial as far as Rodolphe was concerned, but to Emma it was more than that. Once again, she is betraying her husband and falling out of her gender role. Emma loves Rodolphe and every time they see each other, she is ready to show only affection towards him. Even after when Charles had a terrible day of a ttempting to fix clubfoot of Hippolyte Emma still chooses to be with Rodolphe, so much so that â€Å"when Rodolphe came to the garden that evening, he found his mistress waiting for him at the foot of the steps on the lowest stair.They threw their arms round one another, and all their rancor melted like snow beneath the warmth of that kiss. † (131) As the relationship with Rodolphe progresses, Emma begins to have no concern to how she acts in public. Due to the adultery happening in Emma’s life she begins to resent Charles even more than one thought possible. She begins to enjoy being an adulterous woman, that when she reflects upon her life She reveled in all the evil ironies of triumphant adultery.The memory of her lover came back to her with dazzling attractions, she threw her whole soul into it, borne away towards this image with fresh enthusiasm; and Charles seemed to her as much removed from her life, as absent forever, as impossible and annihilated, as if he had been about to die and were passing under her eyes. (130) All of her happiness comes from one man, and she is only content when she is shying away from Charles, and not being a proper woman. Finances were also left up to the men, since they were the breadwinners of for their family.Emma Bovary defies the norm, when Lheureux talks her into taking power of attorney. He tells Emma that â€Å"’[Charles] would do better to give it over to some one else- to you, for example. With a power of attorney it could be easily managed, and then (you and I) would have our little business transactions together. ’† (179) She fooled Charles into letting her have that power by â€Å"[quoting] technical terms casually, [pronouncing] the grand words of ‘order’, ‘the future’, ‘foresight’ and constantly [exaggerating] the difficulties of settling his father’s affairs†. 180) Emma takes Lheureux up on his offer, in order to be able to go behind her husbands back more efficiently, and to also prove that no gender role will be set upon her. Due to Emma defying every restriction put against her as a woman, she is punished on every account. Madame Bovary is left with no hope by the end of the novel, which causes her to poison herself with arsenic. Emma, and Leon are doomed from the start. Leon is a rather shy man, and she is a rather taken woman. Even while they are together Emma becomes discontent in the relationship.Though â€Å"[s]he was in love with Leon, and she sought solitude because it allowed her to revel in thoughts of him at leisure. His actual presence disturbed the voluptuous pleasure of her reveries. Her heart palpitated at the sound of his footsteps, but her agitation always began to subside as soon as he appeared, and she was left with nothing but deep astonishment which eventually turned to sadness. † (76) Rather than truly being in love with Leon she merely is in love with the idea of Leon.Ma dame Bovary’s relationship with Leon falls to pieces, as she becomes dissatisfied with him, and jealous over him when he was forced to spend time with Homais rather than her. The relationship was a wreck to begin with, and Emma’s punishment is basically an unhappy ending with the one she dared love. The same goes for her relationship with Rodolphe, it was disastrous. From the very start, Rodolphe was only attracted to Emma physically. When he first came saw Emma his immediate reaction was â€Å"Poor woman! She’s gasping for love like a carp gasping for water on a kitchen table.A few sweet words and she’d adore me, I’m sure of it! She’d be affectionate, charming [†¦] Yes, but how could I get rid of her later? † (92) Rodolphe was never in the relationship for the long haul, even though he could clearly see that Emma was. When it was time for Emma and Rodolphe to run away together â€Å"he wished to have two more weeks before to ar range some affairs; then at the end of a week he wanted two more; then he said he was ill; next her went on a journey. † (139) He would just make excuses, because he knew that he really did not love Emma.The relationship takes a turn on Madame Bovary and it ends up changing her. Instead of being the free, and independent woman she tried to portray â€Å"[Rodolphe] made her into something compliant and corrupt. She remained under the influence of a kind of idiotic infatuation, full of admiration for him and sensuality for herself, a blissful torpor; and her soul, sinking into that intoxication, shriveled and drowned like the Duke of Clarence in his butt of malmsey. † (134) Emma puts all of her happiness in this unaccepted relationship that ultimately leads Rodolphe to break things off with her, leaving Emma broken.Lheureux also punishes Emma, in the way that the draper fools her into becoming in so much debt that she would never be able to pay it all back. The draper tak es advantage of gender roles, by assuming that women are ignorant fools when it comes to finances. Throughout the whole novel, Lheureux offers Emma many gifts that she accepts. She is unaware that a hefty bill will come for her, that she must pay back. When the bill finally does come Emma pities herself, and she still goes to borrow even more money from the notary. No amount of pleading with Lheureux could get her off the hook.As Emma comes to bargain with the draper the conversation went as â€Å"But if I bought you several thousand francs- a quarter of the sum- a third- perhaps the whole? † â€Å"No; it’s no use! † And he pushed her gently towards the staircase. â€Å"I implore you, Monsieur Lheureux, just a few days more! † She was sobbing. â€Å"There! tears now! † â€Å"You are driving me to despair! † â€Å"What do I care? † said he, shutting the door. (208) When she finally loses control of all of her money, she resorts to pros titution, and even begs Leon, and Rodolphe for the money she owes. When she cannot get the money, her life is put into despair.Suicide is her last resort, in which she poisons herself. Each time Madame Bovary decided to become more independent and to make her own decisions, it always came back to haunt her. Both of the adulterous relationships come to ruins, and she completely obliterates all of the household money. Flaubert’s sent out a warning to readers, that if you behave as Emma did, trying to step outside of your gender role, then you will be punished rather than rewarded. By showing a punishment, it led women to stay conformed, and to not go out and advance women’s rights.

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America Needs The Death Penalty Essay example - 1353 Words

The death penalty has been a heated topic of debate for many of years. Some people believe that the death penalty is unconstitutional in that it is cruel and unusual punishment. Many people also think that the states do not have the authority to take a life. They think that it is god’s responsibility to judge life and death not mans. So they look at the death penalty from a religious view point. Items that this commission will consider in evaluating the humanity and constitutionality of the death penalty, are is lethal injection a humane way to put an offender to death. We will also consider the constitution to ensure the state follows the constitution. Further, consideration will be given to if the state ensuring that all death†¦show more content†¦The first medicine given to the inmate who is receiving the lethal injection is called barbiturate anesthetic sodium thiopental (Hooper). This drug is mixed into a liquid form and it is generally prepared by prison staff ( Hooper). Because of this drug variability, doctors have stated that they are sure inmates have suffered (Hooper). After the barbiturate anesthetic sodium drug is administered, inmates are given pancuronium bromide (Hooper, 2006). This drug stops the inmates breathing and then stops the heart from beating, but because the inmate is paralyzed and cannot breathe, he or she would not be able to let anyone know the pain they may be going through (Hooper). Even with all these variables in place that can potentially cause great pain to the inmate receiving the lethal dosage, it is still considered the most humane way to carry out the death penalty among the states (Hooper). Hooper also states that the actual time of death of the inmate may not come until 30 to 45 minutes after the first shot was given to the inmate. Could that be considered cruel and unusual punishment? This is one valid argument that people make. That is why it is important for the commission to look at the constitutional ity of the death penalty. If lethal injection truly is cruel and unusual then that would be illegal in the eyes of the federal government. Nobody has the authority to goShow MoreRelatedAmerica Needs a Tougher Death Penalty Essay1049 Words   |  5 PagesAmerica Needs a Tougher Death Penalty    Pain. Anger. Frustration. Hatred. These feeble words do not describe the anguish felt by the families of murder victims. Ted Bundy was responsible for the deaths of more than 50 young women across the United States.(Lamar 34) Bundy was finally sentenced to death by the state of Florida in 1978 for the kidnapping and brutal murder of a 12 year old girl and the deaths of 2 Florida State sorority sisters.(Lamar 34) As if the loss of a loved one is not enoughRead MoreCapital Punishment Is Not Effective865 Words   |  4 Pagesthere is an estimated 2% to 5% of all prisoners in America are innocent. Capital punishment is legal authorization to kill someone as a punishment for crimes such as treason, terrorism, espionage, federal murder, and large-scale drug trafficking. In the 1960s, the American Convention on Human rights was created providing a right for life, but the death penalty is included as an exception. While the percent for capital punishment is high in America the majority of A mericans would rather have the sentencingRead MoreThe Death Penalty Is Not Accepted Essay1173 Words   |  5 PagesAmericans, â€Å"more than 60% of them support the death penalty† (Harden 1). Many people in the United States support this decision because they feel like justice needs to be rightfully served to those who committed unforgivable crimes. In some cases, this may seem inhumane but in other cases, it is what is best for the community for the people. The death penalty has been around for many years and it is still a debatable topic for some individuals. The death penalty was created to help, not harm; however,Read MoreAchieving Nothing Except Revenge: Research Shows That Capital Punishment Is Unsuitable for Civilized Nations1404 Words   |  6 Pagesin America took place (Urbina 8). Since then, the debate over capital punishment has been never-ending, capturing the attention of citizens of all types. Americans have argued relentlessly over many issues that the deat h penalty brings to politics, economics, and moral values. In the article titled â€Å"Does Death Penalty Save Lives? A New Debate,† Adam Liptak explores both sides of the debate, highlighting the benefits that the death penalty provides to society. He states that the death penalty detersRead MoreCapital Punishment Should Be Eliminated1342 Words   |  6 PagesCapital Punishment should be eliminated in America The European influence on America gave way to the similarities between our cultures, including the death penalty. The first recorded execution in America was that of Captain Kendall in Virginia in 1608. Kendall was executed for being a spy, but at that the time capital punishment was used even for minor crimes. Fast forward 150 years to the Abolitionist Movement and we see Cesare Beccaria post an essay in 1767 declaring the state has no right toRead MoreEssay on The Death Penalty Is Morally Unjustified1197 Words   |  5 Pagesof the death penalty otherwise known as capital punishment goes back as far as the eighteenth century B.C., when the code of King Hammurabi of Babylon listed 25 crimes which were punishable by death. Since then, the uses of the death penalty have prevailed throughout the ages in laws and justice systems of different civilizations. For instance, the Draconian Code of Athens punishes all crimes with the death penalty. During those times, the death penalty invol ved suffering a gruesome death such asRead MoreThe Death Penalty is An Effective Weapon Against Crime Essay1309 Words   |  6 Pagespunishment.  Ã‚   Many people believe that it no longer serves out its intended purpose of deterring crime.   Others believe that the death penalty is an inhumane act of violence and that it should be banished from the justice system all together.   The thought of playing God also is another aspect of the situation.   Despite these allegations however, the facts still remain.   The death penalty deters crime, stops repeat offenders, and gives Americans a real sense that justice has been served, and should thereforeRead MoreTaking a Look at Capital Punishment764 Words   |  3 PagesDeath penalty is also known as capital punishment. Capital Punishment is a penalty of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime. The death penalty was established in America in 1608. The British influenced America to use the death se ntence. The first recorded practice of the death penalty in America was to Caption George Kendall in Virginia, he was found guilty of being a spy for Spain. However, the death penalty came long before Captain George Kendall. The first establishedRead MoreThe Death Penalty And Mental Illness1594 Words   |  7 PagesThe Death Penalty and Mental Illness Receiving the death penalty is the worst and final penalty that the United States Justice System can administer, especially for those who are mentally ill. Many Americans are questioning the morality of executing mentally ill convicts, as well as the validity of the death penalty itself. These are the questions Americans should be asking, or at least putting some thought into. One might be surprised at how much knowledge one has about the death penalty and veryRead MorePros And Cons Of The Death Penalty1348 Words   |  6 Pagesmost shocking, the death penalty. The death penalty, also referred to as capital punishment, was first introduced in the form of hanging hundreds of years ago when America was first established. Now, the most common way of execution proves to be death by lethal injection. For hundreds of years, people have argued over whether or not the general idea of capital punishment stands morally correct. Many have also debated if anyone holds the right to end anotherà ¢â‚¬â„¢s life. The death penalty, morally wrong and

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Environmental Ethical Issues - 2537 Words

Ethics is defined as the study of right and wrong conduct (Ruggiero 2008). Ethics have been studied for centuries now. It is a topic that has been studied by scholars for a very long time. Environmental ethics has not been studied as much as ethics have. Some people think that we do not need ethics because we already have so many laws (Ruggiero 2008). But it is because of ethics that we have laws. If we had no ethics, then there would be no laws. Throughout this paper I will discuss some environmental issues that the world is facing right now and I will discuss what we need to do to change it or help the situation. Our environment is going downhill everyday due to the cause of pollution, global warming, ozone depletion, and a lot of†¦show more content†¦The oil spill, which has contaminated the water of the Gulf of Mexico led to 2,239 days of closures, advisories, and notices on beaches from Louisiana to Florida, even though the season has not ended yet. The Natural Resourc es Defense Council (NRDC), a national environmental group, noted the spill effects in its 20th annual beach water report. So this also hurt the hotel’s business, because not as many vacationers want to go to a beach that has oil in their sand. (Phillips, 2010) Due to the all the oil that has been washed up on the shorelines and getting into the sand, there was a lot of money lost for all of the hotels, restaurants, and all the businesses that are around the beaches that got closed. A lot of these destinations that got caught up in the oil spill were destinations that families would take every year for their summer vacation. So the economy has also lost some money during this oil spill. The oil spill has also caused a lot of harm to the wildlife. Most of the animals immediately affected were sea creatures – from fish to turtles to marine mammals – and as the oil reached closer to the land, and other animals – nesting and migrating birds, especially  œ began to feel the impact of this environmental catastrophe (Edweirdo, 2010). Since this oil has got into the ocean and the ocean is where we get our seafood at will it contaminate it? Chemical dispersants sprayed into the Gulf of Mexico to break up the massive oil spill fromShow MoreRelatedThe Ethical And Environmental Issues Involved1388 Words   |  6 PagesDo you think businesses from outside of China should stop trading with and operating in China because of the ethical and environmental issues involved? Many people and pressure groups from outside China argue that businesses like Jaguar Land Rover, should stop trading with and operating in China because of the many ethical and environmental problems that will inevitably arise. The issues that the board of directors need  to be  aware of and debate are: Workers in the UK and Europe  are protected  byRead MoreThe Ethical, Negligence, And Environmental Issues1554 Words   |  7 PagesDiscuss in detail the ethical, negligence, and environmental issues you see in this case. British Petroleum has a large operation in the United States and it has made investments to ensure that it develops these operations to maximize its production and increase profits. One such investment was the acquisition of the vast oil field at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. This acquisition represented a good increase in the percentage of oil production in the United States and ensured that the company could increaseRead MoreEthical And Environmental Issues Of International Marketing1408 Words   |  6 Pagesintroduce our outlets in Abu Dahbi, SharJah, Al Ain, Fujairah, Al Khaimah. We will introduce our at least 30 outlets in those cities . Other companies have their outlet here. . (AC 3.4) Ethical and environmental issues in international marketing within Dubai: The following issues are the ethical and environmental issue of international marketing ion Dubai: Product related: The Hilfiger have to consider the production process in terms of pollution, Hilfiger need to consider the recycling andRead More1.. Stakeholder And Information Needs:. Accounts Used To1552 Words   |  7 Pagescompliance obligations, Fair work and minimum pay conditions, Superannuation obligations and job security. Social Accounts: Safe work practices, supplier screening processes. Environmentalists: Pollution, carbon footprint and other environmental issues. Environmental Accounts: Carbon footprint, recycling policy, use of water. Government:   Provide financial information in order to assess their tax liabilities (e.g. income tax, GST). Financial Accounts: Profit, cash position, assets, balance sheetsRead MoreHow Technology Has Solve All The Problems Of Today And Tomorrow Essay2019 Words   |  9 Pagesuse it to regulate the environment?† Questions like this gave way to â€Å"techno-optimism,† the belief that technology can solve all the problems of today and tomorrow. However, techno-optimism is a flawed philosophy that mistakes technology for an environmental cure-all. While the pursuit of ecological sustainability requires the use technology, the theory grossly exaggerates the power of this relationship. It is imperative that techno-optimism be dispelled and replaced with a new, more realistic ideologyRead MoreHow Technology Can Cure Disease2032 Words   |  9 Pagesuse it to regulate the environment?† Questions like this gave way to â€Å"techno-optimism,† the belief that technology can solve all the problems of today and tomorrow. However, techno-optimism is a flawed philosophy that mistakes technology for an environmental cure-all. While the pursuit of ecological sustainability requires the use technology, techno-optimism grossly exaggerates the power of this relationship. It is imperative that techno-optimism be dispelled and replaced with a new, more realisticRead MorePerformance Management At The Hospital System2735 Words   |  11 PagesPerformance management issues can become present in a workplace at any time. I have recently seen three issues take place at the hospital system that I work in. The first is turnover of leadership with no trained replacements. The second is having poor management in the clinics. The last example is the removal of trained employees by the software implementation team. Challenges can be cross training, experienced employee hiring, and the stopping of trained employee removal. The threats are no oneRead MoreEnvironmental Health Research On Humans - Ethical Issues1656 Words   |  7 PagesEnvironmental Health Research on Huma ns – Ethical Issues Since the United States approved the regulations that controls the research on human subjects in 1970s, there have been many discussions and arguments concerning this approval on research on humans; the issues focuses clinical research like the risk management, the use of substances (drugs) with no therapeutic effect – placebos in a group, selecting random sample of a population, informed consent, adverse events and investigation on susceptibleRead MoreDiscussing Critically Religious and Secular Ethical Arguments About Environmental Issues2213 Words   |  9 PagesDiscussing Critically Religious and Secular Ethical Arguments About Environmental Issues In his book, The End Of Nature, Bill McKibben highlights the fact that we are destroying the natural environment at an increasing rate, for our own short-term gain. Since the day that man created agriculture, and industrialisation to follow, the imbalance between man and nature has been growing[1/2]. This has been accompanied by a massive population increase, tripling in the twentiethRead MoreThe Ethical Teachings Of Judaism1390 Words   |  6 PagesEnvironmental ethics is the attempt to define a system of values to guide humans in the way that they treat the natural world. In Judaism, humankind are viewed as having an extremely significant relationship with the environment and Jews believe that God created the earth and everyone on it. Therefore because of this, it is important as adherents of Judaism to take care of the environment and use God’s creation sustainably. The midrash states that once the world is destroyed the damage is irreparable

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Statement of Purpose for a Career in Computational Finance

The world of Finance is by no means a new concept for me. Watching â€Å"Mad money with Jim Cramer† videos on for his daily stock picks is a ritual. I would study the company’s business model, perform very rudimentary fundamental and qualitative analysis on these picks and if its intrinsic value matched the criteria set, I would add it to my portfolio on Apart from this, I also spent a considerable amount of time researching on various stock picking strategies to further strengthen my portfolio. However, no matter how many â€Å"winners† I picked, a few â€Å"losers† meant that my portfolio sometimes gave me a lower than expected return. Plus the risk of picking high beta stocks was a little too gut churning for me. Over the course of the past two years, I realized that portfolio management and more importantly stock picking seemed all a bit too random, a haphazard practice that had a very tenuous logical and analytical base. About 8 months ago I was introduced to the concept of quantitative finance, by one of my seniors having a similar profile and currently working as a quantitative financial analyst. Having always been fascinated by financial concepts and their implications at both the macro and micro level, I decided to explore this field. From the very first moment that I read about the nature of Computational finance and what the course entails, I believed that it was the solution to my portfolio conundrum, apart from many others. I was excited that thisShow MoreRelatedFinancial Engineering1614 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction to Financial Engineering Unit I see the prescribed Text book. Unit II is OK What is Finance? †¢ Finance is about the bottom line of business activities †¢ Every business is a process of acquiring and disposing assets – Real asset – tangible and intangible – Financial assets †¢ Objectives of business – Valuation of assets – Management of assets †¢ Valuation is the central issue of finance Money vs. Finance What is Financial Engineering? †¢ Financial Engineering refers to the bundling and unbundlingRead MoreEssay about Pursuing a PhD in Information Technology Management835 Words   |  4 Pages Statement of Purpose Program  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  :  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  PhD in Information Technology Management   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã¢â‚¬Å"Innovation, Positive Thinking, Persistence and Integrity† are the pillars on which I have built the foundations of my life. My ultimate goal is to pursue an academic career devoted to research and help shape the outlook of the world. Pursuing a PhD in Information Technology Management at (an Ivy League) University is a logical step in that direction.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  A passion for knowledge was instilled in meRead MoreMy Statement of Purpose: Financial Engineering677 Words   |  3 PagesStatement of Purpose Financial Engineering Introduction Using algorithms to simplify and solve complex business problems while also creating software applications that scale to the most complex, large scale enterprises is a passion that drove me to excel in computer science. The many interrelated systems, databases and applications gave me insight into how even the most intricate, highly dependent systems could be streamlined and aligned to challenging goals. As I continue to master and putRead MoreA Research On Computer Science1062 Words   |  5 Pages Statement of Purpose Having grown up in a family that has consistently devoted utmost importance to education and discipline, a focused perseverance towards achieving goals and ‘earning’ the right to deserve what you covet were qualities that got instilled in me since childhood. Be it implementing ambitious projects or learning intricate technologies; my proclivity to take up challenges and determination to persist make me a go-getter. My overarching goal is to apply my technical aptitude to solveRead MoreHigh Performance Management2089 Words   |  9 PagesPhone: (323) 343-2890 (SIMP.724) Email: Web Site: Instructor’s biography: Dr. Ben Mahdavian holds M.B.A. degree in finance and doctorate degree in Public Administration. In  his early career,  he worked as Vice President of Finance for Don Baxter Laboratories.  He was then promoted to the Board of Director as Chairman of the Board of Don Baxter Laboratories.  He is presently working in California State University, Los AngelesRead MoreA Deeper Look At Mechanical Engineering Postgraduate Studies1760 Words   |  8 PagesUniversity of Toronto and the Technical University of Munich. In each case, important points such as career programs, tuition fees and cost of life, and job opportunities will be reviewed. Moreover, other facts like weather and safety will be briefly pointed out. Why Canada and Germany? These two countries are considered one of the top places for engineering, whether if study or work is your purpose. Moreover, according to Numbeo’s database Germany and Canada are placed third and sixth respectivelyRead MoreThe Importance Of Studying And Observing An Industrial System Phenomena2053 Words   |  9 Pages2.3 Career Episode 3 2.3.1 Introduction. In this career episode, I describe an industrial engineering task which I undertook as part of my educational program in Ph.D. degree in School of Engineering-University of South Australia, Australia (2012-2016). In this task, I proposed systems thinking conceptual framework for studying and observing an industrial system phenomena. I implemented this framework to a real industrial system in a case study and recommended the operational system improvementsRead MoreFinance6839 Words   |  28 Pages Mr. Mohd Jamil Jelani is a Senior lecturer in banking and finance. He holds a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) and MBA in Applied Finance and Investment from National University of Malaysia; he is also a Chartered Accountant from Malaysian Institute of Accountants. Prior to his lecturing career, he served as a Group Financial Controller of a local company. Mr. Mohd Jamil has a wide experience in the teaching of Accounting and Finance, as he has been involved in the academic field for more thanRead MoreIti Industrial Training Report16491 Words   |  66 Pages 4.12. MARKETING 4.13. QUALITY ASSURENCE 4.14. PRODUCTION 4.15. VIGILANCE 4.16. INTERNAL AUDIT 4.17. FINANCE | 16-19202122-2324-2526272829-3132-3334353637-4041-5051-5657-63 | 5. | CONCLUSION | 64 | 6. | BIBLIOGRAPHY | 65 | 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. ABOUT INPLANT TRAINING In Plant Training will provide an industrial exposure to the students as well as to develop their career in the high tech industrial requirements. Reputed companies are providing inplant training to Students. Here studentsRead MoreComputers7651 Words   |  31 Pagessee  Computer (disambiguation). Computer system redirects here. For other uses, see  Computer system (disambiguation). Computer technology redirects here. For the company, see  Computer Technology Limited. Computer | | A  computer  is a general purpose device that can be  programmed  to carry out a finite set of arithmetic or logical operations. Since a sequence of operations can be readily changed, the computer can solve more than one kind of problem. Conventionally, a computer consists of at least